To contact any member of the Markle staff, please e-mail us at [email protected], or call 212-713-7600.

Zoë Baird


CEO and President


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Angela Bowens-Gamble


Project Administrator



Lisa Briones

  Accounting Manager    

Karen Byers


Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer
Treasurer & Corporate Secretary


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Shirley Chan





Kadi Davis



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Carol Diamond


Senior Advisor


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Erica Duran


Financial Manager



Max Elder

  Research and Program Associate    

Elise Gerber


Financial Assistant



Kate Gibney


Administrative Assistant



William Herbig


Deputy Director, Communications



Kimberly Hogg


Administrative Manager



Danna Lindsay


Administrative Manager & Assistant Corporate Secretary



Lisa MacSpadden

  Senior Director, Communications   View Profile

Julian Mancuso

  Associate, Motion Graphics Design and Editing    

Andrei Montfort


Administrative Manager


Michael Napolitano

  Senior Manager   View Profile

Anna Nigido


Director, Finance & Administration



Katherine Rowland





Sam Sheikh




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Todd Stout


Director, Computer and Information Systems



Steven Sypa


Communications Assistant



Stefaan Verhulst


Senior Advisor


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Philip Zelikow


Visiting Managing Director


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