Markle works to realize the potential of information technology to address previously intractable public problems, for the health and security of all Americans. We collaborate with innovators and thought leaders from the public and private sectors whose expertise lies in the areas of information technology, privacy, civil liberties, health, national security, and economic security.

Advancing Health in a Connected World

Advancing Health There is enormous potential to improve our health care system through modern information tools. To do that, we must set clear goals, define the use of information technology as a way to improve health, and adopt an approach to technology and standards that fosters market innovation.

For the past several years, our policy recommendations on health information technology have been the result of the collaborative efforts of Connecting for Health, which has been comprised of representatives from more than 100 public and private organizations across the spectrum of health care and information technology specialists.

The primary objective of Connecting for Health has been to catalyze the widespread changes needed to realize the full benefits of health information technology, while protecting patient privacy and the security of personal health information. Connecting for Health has tackled the key challenges of creating a networked health information environment to enable secure and private information sharing.

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Advancing National Security in a Connected World

Advancing National Security Markle's national security initiatives work to mobilize information and information technology to advance national security while protecting civil liberties. The Markle Task Force on National Security in the Information Age has furthered the mobilization of information and information technology to reform the way our government at all levels understands and responds to threats, within a framework of civil liberty protections. It has seen its proposals become law and aided the reshaping of our government’s ability to protect the nation.

Our nation's security also depends on its economic security, to which information technology can contribute greatly as well as raise challenges. Markle is developing an initiative to broaden the benefits of advances in information technology to create a vibrant economic future for all Americans.

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