A Message from Zoë Baird

Phot of Zoë Baird

Advances in information technology have stirred the world’s creative spirit, and dramatically changed our everyday lives. Technology holds out a future filled with possibilities that go far beyond the transformations we have already witnessed in business, government, finance, education, and consumer choice.

Woven into the fabric of the institutions that serve the public, we can transform fragments of information into knowledge, and knowledge into ever more powerful tools that can solve complex problems, meet critical public needs, and empower people in ways that make life better for us all.

Markle works with collaborators from both the public and private sectors in pursuit of these primary goals:

  • To strengthen our nation’s security through the creation of a trusted intelligence information sharing environment and the development of a vibrant information economy that benefits all Americans.
  • To transform our complex and over-burdened health system and empower people to be active participants in their own care and in preventing illness.

We are at present undertaking a major new initiative. America is grounded on opportunity for all and that is what our great national economic debate should be about. To maintain our leadership in the world, we must broaden the benefit of advances in information technology to create a vibrant economic future for all Americans.

In the course of the last decade, Markle’s work has matured and gained widespread acceptance, as evidenced by the enactment of major federal laws and the development of new technologies. Markle and its many collaborators remain committed to finding solutions to this complex set of challenges by uniting leaders, sparking technological innovation, and driving the development of public policy that contributes to a better future for our nation.

Zoë Baird, President

Markle Foundation