Techonomy 2012

Type: Conferences
Date: November 11–13, 2012
Time: Full-day Sessions
Venue: Tucson, AZ

Techonomy 2012 brings together a diversity of expert voices to discuss how the exponential pace of technology progress makes possible a new world. A wave of accelerating change driven by technology's advance is washing over our lives, bringing great potential for business and social progress.

Note: Video from the event is available at

On November 13, Markle President Zoë Baird is moderating the panel America's Economic Opportunity in a World of Services.

Panel discussion:
Technology and networks are lowering barriers to markets worldwide, and the U.S. has a growing jobs problem. As global growth shifts towards developing countries and cities, how can we most benefit? We could be on the threshold of a new era of data-driven progress, but we need a new focus on exports, especially for services, which accounts for the lion’s share of the American economy. What skills does the U.S. need to develop? Can small and medium-sized companies take advantage of expanding access and transparency in the global marketplace? What incentives and policies will enable these global opportunities?


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