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Juliana Herman

  • Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor

Prior to joining Markle as Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor, Juliana Herman held the position of Interim Chief of Staff to the Deputy Chancellor for Academics with District of Columbia Public Schools, alongside the role of Deputy Chief, Policy Advisor. Juliana led the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act, a districtwide strategic priority, as well as developing and launching the Districtwide Improvement Framework, and designing a proposal of high-level strategies for transforming the lowest performing schools.

Previously, Juliana worked in the office of Senator Michael Bennet serving as the senator’s senior policy, communications, and strategic advisor on early childhood, elementary and secondary, and higher education.

Juliana received a BA in American History and Political Science, with a minor in Chinese from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Yale Law School. She is currently a Broad Resident and a master’s degree candidate in Education Leadership from the Board Center.