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Seven Smart Ways to Get a Troubled but Talented Employee Back on Track

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    Denver Business Journal
    April 13, 2020

    Sometimes, managers encounter an employee who is talented but difficult to work with. They may have great intentions but are unable to follow through. Or perhaps they don’t take constructive criticism well and are unwilling to do what it takes to grow.

    As a business leader, you may have come face-to-face with this situation more than a few times. Below, seven Denver Business Journal Leadership Trust members share effective strategies that have helped them get a troubled employee back on track.

    1. Have an honest conversation.
    The first step is better communication with the employee. I find I can have the conversation skillfully if I name the issue, give a specific example of the facts, describe my emotions about the issue, affirm the relationship and clarify what is at stake, identify my part in the problem, and request to resolve the situation. I then reflectively listen to what is going on from their perspective. — Shannon Block, Skillful a Markle Initiative

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    Seven Smart Ways to Get a Troubled but Talented Employee Back on Track
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