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The Talk at Davos: Why Are Women Still Missing?

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    CNN Money
    January 26, 2018

    Zoë Baird, president of the Markle Foundation, said there were noticeably fewer women when she first came to Davos 17 years ago. But she said that organizers could do much more to correct the gender imbalance.

    "There is no particular explanation in my mind for why the percentage of women here is so low, because there are women showing great leadership in every sector and every business," she said.

    Baird said that women stick together in Davos, seeking each other out and trying to "give the floor to each other." But when she spoke to representatives from consumer brands on Wednesday, only one of the roughly 50 chief executives in the room was a woman.

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    The Talk at Davos: Why Are Women Still Missing?
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