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Providing Opportunity in the Digital Economy:
A video from Markle and Microsoft on creating a skills-based labor market.

The defining challenge of our time is ensuring that all Americans are included in the benefits of the digital economy. After more than a decade of work in health and national security, the Markle Foundation has created Skillful to help restore the American Dream by expanding opportunities for better employment and broadening the ways Americans learn and train for the work of the future.

Skillful, a partnership among the Markle Foundation, LinkedIn, and the state of Colorado, provides transparency around the skills a job seeker has, the skills a job seeker needs, and where he or she can find training and support to get on the path to a good job. Skillful knits together online and on-the-ground resources that empower a job seeker to own his/her path to success, with personal coaching assistance to help them achieve their goals.