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Associate, RATF

  • Background

    A defining challenge of our time is ensuring that all Americans are included in the benefits of the digital economy as automation and technology transform the workforce in unprecedented fashion. After more than a decade of work in health and national security, the Markle Foundation created Skillful, an initiative with LinkedIn, the state of Colorado, and others to create a skills-based labor market. Launched in 2016, Skillful is centered on the skills job seekers have, not the degrees. Skillful is enabling Americans, including the nearly seven out of ten American adults who do not have a college degree, to learn the skills needed for today’s rapidly changing jobs. To learn more see

    The Rework America Task Force is Skillful’s policy partner to drive change in the ways in which the U.S. labor mart must evolve to keep pace with the technological revolution that is radically changing the American workplace. Even as workers look to upskill, the labor market is not yet delivering clear opportunities and returns on investments. Policymakers are dramatically underestimating the urgency of the challenge. Skillful, with its on-the-ground emphasis on jobseekers, employers and educators, provides a critical experiential baseline to address policy. The Rework America Task Force will bring together national leaders to consider federal policies in job training and education, consider new federal and state policies (in job training, education, student loans, data collection and data sharing, tax, benefits and social safety net programs) as middle skill workers continue to confront a labor market revolutionized by automation and artificial intelligence. The Task Force will catalog best practices, urge Federal and State policymakers as well as industry and education leaders to wrestle together and experiment in new solutions for job seekers and employers in the 21st century.

    Associate, Rework America Task Force

    Job Summary and Responsibilities:

    The Associate will support the work of the Task Force, with project management, research and communications responsibilities. As is true of all Markle team members, applicants to this position should feel comfortable wearing many hats and bearing responsibility to carry out a variety of projects across the organization.

    Project Management

    • Support the management and tracking of the integrated work plan of multiple convenings both in person and virtually (plenary meetings; working group meetings, advisory board meetings) the plenary and the working groups in terms of timeliness milestones, interdependencies and other elements.
    • Support the overall workplan across partners and accountable for quality and timeliness of deliverables.
    • Support the alignment of vision across the ecosystem. Flag critical issues for problem solving or troubleshooting.
    • Provide event support as needed.

    Research and Analysis

    • Assist with preparation and analysis of insights from data providers and primary research.
    • Conduct research and draft recommendations.
    • Comfort making recommendations to and providing evidence based on research


    • Assist with drafts and execution of documents for internal and external use (for example, for partners and news outlets) and for internal use (by Markle leadership and for the Board of Directors).
    • Assist with the execution of documents required for communications about the work of the Task Force
    • Assist with document management processes across partners and industries to ensure quality control and historical archiving, e.g., of document versions and data collected.

    Required Competencies:

    • Basic project management experience: Demonstrated track record of managing and delivering against complex scopes and under tight timelines. Possesses strong organization skills, with ability to multitask and manage several work streams, partners / vendors, and projects at any one time.
    • Complex problem solving: Possesses excellent conceptual and analytical problem solving skills, with experience in tackling a range of strategic and operational issues. Able to bring a balance of creativity and practical business judgment to issues.
    • Writing: Demonstrated ability to write clearly and concisely for a variety of audiences.
    • Active learner: Positive attitude with an openness and willingness to learn. Demonstrates ability to receive and apply feedback and continues to improve.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills: Emanates a collaborative demeanor that builds rapport and establishes credibility with partners. Applies critical interpersonal and judgment skills to affect outcomes. Has complete comfort and confidence in offering helpful advice and counsel to colleagues at all levels. Is a team player.
    • Communication skills: Demonstrated ability to clearly convey summary data from multiple sources as a set of findings.

    Preferred Competencies:

    • General professional experience: 1-3 years of working experience
    • Displays an intellectual curiosity and passion for the mission at hand. Demonstrated ability to thrive and lead in a small, analytically rigorous organization that values direct, honest, and respectful transfer of ideas.
    • Entrepreneurial mindset: Possesses a natural instinct to seek out the next challenge and think outside constraints and get things done. Operates with a clear sense of purpose while being comfortable with ambiguity and change.
    • Analytics experience: Ability to summarize detailed data, identify trends, and draw insights from the data. Able to make recommendations based on conclusions.

    Job Details:

    • Status: Full-Time
    • Location: New York, NY or Washington, D.C.
    • Title: Associate
    • Report: Director
    • Salary: Competitive
    • Travel: Moderate
    • Degree or Credential Requirements: None.
    • Markle is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All applicants receive consideration for employment without regard to race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression age, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations and marital status.


    The Rework America Task Force and Skillful are projects of the Markle Foundation (, whose mission is to identify intractable problems, invest seed capital to incubate and test solutions, harness the power of technology and innovation, and build strategic partnerships to achieve scale and generate broad social impact. While Markle’s work has evolved through the years, its mission to meet the needs of the American people has endured. Currently, Markle is engaged in a nationwide initiative aimed at driving innovations that expand opportunities for employment and broaden ways for all Americans to learn and train for the work of the future.

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