The following questions are frequently asked about the Markle Foundation:


Who established the Markle Foundation and why?

John and Mary Markle established the Foundation in 1927, "to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge among the people of the United States, and to promote the general good of mankind." Over the years and with each successive leader, the focus of the Foundation's work has evolved without ever straying from John and Mary Markle's original vision of creating a better world through the advancement and dissemination of knowledge.

Markle Interactive Timeline 

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What is the common link between Health and National Security?

Markle’s work in Health and National Security focuses on how to catalyze change across the sectors to improve American’s lives. Technology often provides an important means to this end.

When technology is woven into the fabric of institutions that serve and protect people, information becomes a powerful tool for addressing critical public needs and empowering individuals to improve their lives.

Markle works with collaborators from both the public and private sectors in pursuit of these primary goals:

  • To mobilize information and information technology to advance national security while protecting civil liberties.
  • To advance health information technology to improve people’s lives.
  • To find opportunities for renewal of the American Dream in a networked world by leveraging technology and advancing public and private leadership and individual action.

In each of these areas, we know that the effective and appropriate use of information technology can—and does—improve people's lives. We also know that our nation's goals in both of these areas cannot be met without applying advancements in technology, and that the development of new technologies must be guided by carefully deliberated policies.

Building Trusted Information-Sharing Environments for National Security and Health Care

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How is Markle a catalyst for change?

The Markle Task Force on National Security in the Information Age has comprised a panel of security experts from the past six presidential administrations, as well as numerous thought leaders from both the private and public sectors. Markle Task Force members' expertise has encompassed technology, government, industry, policy development, and civil liberties. Many of the Markle Task Force's recommendations for building a trusted information environment have been incorporated in federal legislation and executive order. 

Connecting for Health has been a public-private collaborative of government, industry, technology, consumer, and health care leaders. This collaborative has worked to catalyze the widespread changes needed to realize the full potential of health information technology, while protecting patient privacy and the security of personal health information.

Current Work in National Security  |  Current Work in Health

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Why is the public-private collaboration so important?

Markle has demonstrated that bringing together the knowledge and experience of the public and private sectors can provide a formula for addressing previously intractable public problems. This strategy has proven successful in finding common ground and building consensus and promoting innovation among a broad spectrum of experts in government, industry, and the non-profit sector.

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What kind of deliverables does Markle produce? Who are the intended audiences?

Markle and its collaborators produce numerous educational reports, multimedia and interactive presentations, articles, and briefs of interest to a wide range of individuals and organizations, including but not limited to the following:

  • Policy-Makers and Regulators at the Local, State, and Federal Level
  • Business Leaders
  • Legal Experts
  • Decision-Makers in the Public Sector (e.g., government agencies and the organizations they contract to provide services to the public)
  • Technology Developers and Implementers
  • Industry Experts (e.g., Health Care Providers and Insurers, Energy Companies, Homeland Security Contractors)
  • Public Interest Advocates and Representatives
  • Academics, Researchers, Analysts, and Think-Tanks

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Where can I find a list of Markle publications, presentations, reports, and speeches?

A searchable and sortable list of publications and presentations is available in the Publications section of this Web site.

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What are Markle's policies for the re-use of content found on Markle websites?

The Markle documents posted on this Web site exist to serve our mission to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge. You are free to read the documents online or download them for your own reference. You may also create links to our materials on your own Web site or social networks.

If you are interested in reprinting, redistributing, or referencing any portion of our work in your own publications, please contact us at [email protected] for permissions, attribution language, or additional information.

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How can I apply to receive a grant from the Markle Foundation?

We have found that the most effective way for us to leverage our resources is to structure and operate our own projects in cooperation with our partners, instead of working as a traditional grant-making organization. Therefore, we do not accept unsolicited grant applications.

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How can my organization become a partner in one of your current projects?

Markle's approach entails convening multi-sector groups of leaders and innovators from technology, government, public interest organizations, and business to bring about the technical and policy changes needed to enable breakthroughs in the public interest. We seek out partners who can make valuable contributions toward achieving our common goals.

Please review the descriptions provided on our Health and National Security pages, or contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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Where can I find Markle's 990 IRS tax forms?

The forms are available here: Tax Forms

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