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Markle's Zoë Baird discusses Rework America Connected with LinkedIn's Allen Blue

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Blog by Markle's Wan-Lae Cheng

How Tech Can Help Remake the American Job Market


The Power of the Connected Age

Everyone Can Thrive in the New Economy

Rework America

Our Mission

Markle works to realize the potential of information technology to address previously intractable public problems for the economic security, health, and national security of all Americans.

  • Rework America

    Markle is committed to advancing transformative strategies and scalable solutions to prepare the 21st century workforce and reinvigorate the American Dream.

  • Health

    To improve the quality and cost effectiveness of health care, Markle has accelerated the use of IT, giving rise to Blue Button and other key innovations.

  • National Security

    In the wake of 9/11, Markle helped reshape the role of intelligence in protecting the nation, while preserving traditional civil liberties.

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