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September 18, 2002 Report, White Paper Past Initiatives
Enhancing Legitimacy in the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
Centre for Global Studies
How should the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) reform itself? As the organization began a process of ...
October 1, 2002 Report, White Paper National Security
Protecting America's Freedom in the Information Age
Markle Task Force
The Markle Task Force considers strategies to improve national security by making information more mobile across all levels of government.
November 1, 2002 Brief Past Initiatives
New Directions in U.S. Foreign Assistance and the Role of Information and Communication Technology
Daniel H. Rosen
This paper was presented to United States policymakers and development advocates to help integrate the new wave of information and ...
November 1, 2002 Report, White Paper Past Initiatives
Children and Interactive Media Research Compendium Update
June H. Lee
Ellen A. Wartella
and Allison G. Caplovitz
This report is an update of the Children and Interactive Media: A Compendium of Current Research and Directions for the Future report to the ...
December 1, 2002 Article, Op-Ed, Essay, Letter Past Initiatives Foreign Affairs
Governing the Internet: Engaging Government, Business, and Nonprofits
Zoë Baird
Explores a new model of governance, ICANN, and the road ahead.      
December 1, 2002 Report, White Paper Past Initiatives
Global Digital Opportunities: National Strategies of "ICT for Development"
Frederick S. Tipson and Claudia Frittelli
This report provides a broad overview of national development initiatives on information and communications technologies (ICTs) in the first few ...
January 1, 2003 Report, White Paper National Security
The 2002 Olympic Winter Games Security Lessons Applied to Homeland Security
The Oquirrh Institute
The Oquirrh Institute discusses national security lessons learned from the 2002 Winter Olympics.
January 6, 2003 Report, White Paper Health
Building the National Health Information Infrastructure for Personal Health, Health Care Services, Public Health, and Research
Don E. Detmer
Abstract Background: Improving health in our nation requires strengthening four major domains of the health care system: personal health ...
June 5, 2003 Survey General Markle
Americans Want Benefits of Personal Health Records
Markle Connecting for Health
Over 70 percent of those surveyed believe PHRs would improve the quality of health care. Over two-thirds would use PHR features that are or may ...
June 5, 2003 Report, White Paper Health
The Data Standards Working Group: Report and Recommendations
Markle Foundation
The Data Standards Working Group
There has been an increasing recognition by both the public and private sectors of the ability to improve the quality and safety of ...