Lorraine Tunis Doo | Markle
Lorraine Tunis Doo | Markle

Lorraine Tunis Doo

Senior Policy Advisor, Office of eHealth Standards and Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Member, Markle Connecting for Health Work Group on Consumer Engagement

Lorraine Tunis Doo is a Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of E-Health Standards and Services at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). She is responsible for developing and managing many of CMS’s Health IT (HIT) strategic and tactical activities, including those related to Personal Health Record initiatives. With a little help from friends, she authored the proposed rule for electronic health care claims attachments, and the proposed and final rules to adopt Versions 5010, D.0 and 3.0 of the HIPAA standards. Until September 2009, she was responsible for the HIPAA enforcement program for transactions, identifiers and security. She is now engaged in developing and implementing the plan for the administrative simplification provisions of health reform, and will continue her industry partnerships on a variety of HIT projects. She has represented CMS on several national committees, including the Consumer Empowerment Work Group, the HL7 Attachments work group, and the HL7 PHR work group. She is lead staff for the NCVHS Standards sub-committee.

Doo has been with CMS since 2003. Prior to joining the federal government, she worked for a BlueCross plan, for 10 years as director of its statewide Medicaid managed care program, and then as director for the implementation of HIPAA TCS and Privacy for the plan and its multi-specialty medical group.

As a federal employee, she collaborates with Markle, but does not endorse documents.