Rick Altinger | Markle
Rick Altinger | Markle

Rick Altinger

Vice President Channel Partners, Intuit Health
Member, Markle Connecting for Health Work Group on Consumer Engagement

Rick Altinger currently serves as Vice President Channel Partners, where he is responsible for growth through channel partner relationships. As a member of the Intuit Health leadership team since 2007, he expanded the company’s health care focus to include physician services, an effort that resulted in the acquisition of Medfusion, the leading supplier of patient-provider communication and portal services, in May of 2010.

Prior to joining Intuit, Altinger was an Executive Vice President at VantageMed, a practice management and billing services company. He also served as Vice President of Business Development at Healtheon/WebMD, where he set product strategy and drove major acquisitions, including Envoy, Medical Manager, Kinetra, and MedE America. Prior to his business development role at Healtheon/WebMD, he held leadership positions in multiple departments, including Product Management, Account Management and Systems Integration.

Altinger has worked in the technology industry for almost 25 years, concentrating on health care information technologies since 1995. He attended Stanford University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1985, and a Masters of Science degree in Engineering Management in 1987.