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Michael Levi | Markle

Michael Levi

David M. Rubenstein Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment and Director of the Program on Energy Security and Climate Change, Council on Foreign Relations
Expert Advisor, Rework America

Michael A. Levi is the David M. Rubenstein senior fellow for energy and the environment at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and director of the CFR program on energy security and climate change. He is an expert on climate change, energy security, arms control, and nuclear terrorism. Before joining CFR, Levi was a nonresident science fellow and a science and technology fellow in foreign policy studies at the Brookings Institution. Prior to that, he was director of the Federation of American Scientists’ Strategic Security Project.

Levi is author of the recent books The Power Surge: Energy, Opportunity, and the Battle for America’s Future (Oxford University Press) and By All Means Necessary: How China’s Resource Quest is Changing the World (with Elizabeth Economy, Oxford University Press). He is also the author of the books On Nuclear Terrorism (Harvard University Press, 2007) and (with Michael O’Hanlon) The Future of Arms Control (Brookings Institution Press, 2005). He was project director for the CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force on climate change, cochaired by former governors Tom Vilsack and George Pataki. His 2005 monograph with Michael D’Arcy, Untapped Potential: U.S. Science and Technology Cooperation with the Islamic World, was the first comprehensive study of science and technology in the Muslim world. His recent writings include studies of natural gas exports, the Canadian oil sands, and the global politics and economics of clean energy innovation. Dr. Levi holds a BSc (Hons.) in mathematical physics from Queen’s University (Kingston) and an MA in physics from Princeton University, where he studied string theory and cosmology. He holds a PhD in war studies from the University of London (King’s College), where he was the SSHRC William E. Taylor fellow. Levi is a National Intelligence Council Associate for economics and a member of the Strategic Advisory Council for NewWorld Capital LLC. He lives in New York.