John J. Hamre | Markle
John J. Hamre | Markle

John J. Hamre

President & CEO, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Member, Markle Task Force on National Security in the Information Age

John Hamre is the President and CEO of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Before joining CSIS, he served as U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense (1997 to 1999) and Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller, 1993 to 1997). Before serving in the Department of Defense, he worked for ten years as a professional staff member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. From 1978 to 1984, he served in the Congressional Budget Office, where he became its Deputy Assistant Director for National Security and International Affairs.

Hamre has been a Member of the Markle Task Force since its inception in 2002.  He has contributed to the following reports produced by the Task Force: Protecting America’s Freedom in the Information Age in 2002, Creating a Trusted Network for Homeland Security in 2003, Implementing a Trusted Information Sharing Environment in 2006, Mobilizing Information to Prevent Terrorism in 2006, and Nation at Risk in 2009.