Colin Evans | Markle
Colin Evans | Markle

Colin Evans

President and Chief Executive Officer, Dossia Consortium

Colin Evans took on the role of Dossia CEO in 2007; he was initially on loan from Intel. Prior to joining Dossia, Evans had been with Intel for 29 years and, most recently, served as the Director of Digital Health Policy and Standards, responsible for Intel’s cooperation with industry and legislators to drive policy development and with industry partners to create platform standards. His group was responsible for creating both the Continua Health Alliance for consumer health platform and device standards and the Dossia Consortium that brings together major US employers to develop a shared infrastructure for personal, private, and portable health records.

Before joining Digital Health Group, Evans held a variety of management positions with Intel in Europe and the US in information technology, business applications development, marketing, e-Business architecture, and system software research. In his most recent role at Intel, Evans led the research labs in Intel’s Corporate Technology Group focused on virtualization, trust, and content protection and hosted Intel’s research on Proactive Health aimed at the development of platforms for home health monitoring.

Over the years, Evans provided leadership for a number of industry standards initiatives. He chaired the Board of Directors of Oasis, an international consortium driving XML interoperability, and played a central role in the creation of RosettaNet, a multi-company initiative focused on building Internet-based supply chains. Evans was educated at the department of Computer Science at Manchester University and INSEAD, France.

Evans contributed to the Markle Common Framework for Private and Secure Information Exchange.