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Jack Lewin, MD | Markle

Jack Lewin, MD

Jack Lewin was most recently the Chief Executive Officer of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) from 2006–2012. Previously, Lewin was CEO of the 35,000-member California Medical Association and its various subsidiary companies. Lewin was also Hawaii’s Director of Health from 1986-1994, overseeing 6,500 employees and a $1 billion budget. In this role, he helped Hawaii achieve near-universal access to health care and revitalize statewide public health systems. In Hawaii, he was also CEO of the statewide 13-facility Community Hospital System.

Before that, as a Commissioned Officer in the USPHS, he was the founder and first Director of the Navajo Nation Department of Health, serving the needs of America’s largest Indian tribe, straddling the three states of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

Trained in internal medicine, Lewin has also enjoyed many years of practicing primary care medicine during his career in Arizona, Hawaii, and California. He serves on numerous national boards and advisory bodies, including being founder and President of the Physicians’ Foundations, which are among the top ten health-related philanthropies in the nation, focused on promoting quality, patient safety, and health information technology adoption, and President of the national Patient Safety Institute. He was an advisor on health policy to President Clinton.

Lewin received his BA in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine, and his MD from the University of Southern California, University School of Medicine.

Lewin contributed to the Markle Connecting for Health Common Framework for Private and Secure Information Exchange.