Felix W. Ortiz III | Markle
Felix W. Ortiz III | Markle

Felix W. Ortiz III

Chairman, Founder, and CEO, Viridis Learning

Felix W. Ortiz III is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Viridis Learning, a cloud-based, SaaS technology platform that integrates with existing student information systems, government databases and labor market information to connect students to employers. Viridis Learning believes that technology can be used to enable the creation of the Skills PassportTM, a permanent employment record that has currency in the ever-evolving employment market. Ortiz is a social impact entrepreneur dedicated to the power of economic mobilization through the pathway of education and skill development. Through his work at Viridis Learning, Ortiz drives change by mobilizing the middle-skill workforce and leveling the employment playing field for young people and underserved communities.

With a distinct veteran and entrepreneurial perspective, Felix understands the difficulties that many people face as they enter today’s employment market. Lacking the right skills and resources, he founded Viridis Learning when he discovered gaps in the system that provided a disadvantage to many. Through the creation of the Skills PassportTM, the data-driven employment ledger ​retains lifetime access of students’ verified knowledge, skills and ability, creating an evolved pathway to relevant career opportunities.

As a social impact tech serial entrepreneur, Ortiz has always focused on creating companies that do well by doing good. Lending his voice to making a change, Ortiz has used his platform to speak out about the lack of venture capital funding for Hispanic & African American tech entrepreneurs.
Ortiz’s ambitious work has broken down silos between education and employment by shifting the antiquated processes that many systems adhere to. Committing much of his personal and professional life to the development and mobilization of marginalized communities, Ortiz serves on several boards including as a Member of The Board of Directors to the New York City Technology Development Corporation, NY Hall of Science and the Osborne Foundation.