Philip Zelikow Joins Markle Foundation as Visiting Managing Director | Markle | Advancing America's Future
Philip Zelikow Joins Markle Foundation as Visiting Managing Director | Markle | Advancing America's Future

Philip Zelikow Joins Markle Foundation as Visiting Managing Director

Publication Date: August 27, 2014 | Back to Latest News

NEW YORK, NY – The Markle Foundation today announced that Philip Zelikow has joined the organization as Visiting Managing Director.   Mr. Zelikow is a member of the Markle Economic Future Initiative, co-chaired by Markle President Zoë Baird and Starbucks chairman, president and ceo Howard Schultz. The Initiative is advancing transformative strategies that use technology and globalization to help all Americans flourish in the economy of a networked world.  

Mr. Zelikow, the White Burkett Miller Professor of History at the University of Virginia, is on leave from the University after completing a term as dean of the Graduate School. His collaboration with Markle began in 2002 when he was Executive Director of the first year of the Markle Task Force on National Security in the Information Age. That initiative, co-chaired by Zoë Baird and former Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale, led to highly regarded recommendations that formed the basis for intelligence reform and information sharing in the 9/11 Commission Report, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, the Protect America Act of 2007, and a wide range of actions at the federal, state and local level, as well as in the private sector.

“We are delighted to have Philip’s brilliant contribution and his extraordinary knowledge of how Americans succeeded in past economic transitions as Markle continues to explore ways to unleash opportunities for Americans in today’s networked economy,” said Zoë Baird, president of Markle. “He is a forward thinking educator whose contributions are instrumental to tackling this pressing social need.”

“America has been through major economic and social transitions before,” said Philip Zelikow. “But Americans used their talents to design and build the greatest engine of mass prosperity the world had ever seen. By accelerating innovations that return opportunity to Americans, we can do it again.”

In 2003-2004, Zelikow directed the 9/11 Commission, producing a report that led to many important reforms that have changed how government and businesses use information  to improve national security while protecting traditional civil liberties. The report was selected as a finalist for the National Book Award.

In 2005-2007, as the Counselor of the Department of State, he served as a deputy to Secretary Rice with responsibilities including the Iraq war, Middle East policy, India, North Korea, intelligence, and counterterrorism issues.

In addition to the University of Virginia, Zelikow has taught at Harvard University and for the United States Navy. He has served on several boards, including as a member of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board for President George W. Bush (2001-2003) and for President Barack Obama (2011-2013) and on the advisory board for global development of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He has authored several books, including Germany Unified and Europe Transformed: A Study in Statecraft (with Condoleezza Rice), The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House during the Cuban Missile Crisis (with Ernest May), and Essence of Decision (with Graham Allison).