Foundational Career Coach Skills Training | Markle
Foundational Career Coach Skills Training | Markle

Foundational Career Coach Skills Training

The Rework America Alliance is now led by Jobs for the Future (JFF). Alliance tools and resources are shared by JFF to support its North Star goal to help 75 million people facing systemic barriers to advancement move into quality jobs within the next 10 years. You can still access Alliance resources here while JFF works to get them live on its site, at

The Foundational Career Coach Skills Training, developed by the Rework America Alliance, provides new tactics, tools, and job market insights for career coaching. The program teaches a skills-based, human-centered, equity-driven approach to creating deeper relationships and better understanding between career coaches and clients, which can lead to more successful outcomes and longer-term success for the job seeker.

The robust online course covers a wide range of topics relevant to helping job seekers in today’s economy, including, how to use new data sources available to career coaches, how to identify barriers and biases job seekers may be facing during their job search, and how skills-based practices can help highlight their value to employers.

Developed for career coaching professionals and others that provide job guidance as part of their role, and drawing on input from numerous subject matter experts, learners will gain new skills that can immediately be applied to their work.

The Foundational Career Coach Skills Training is based on work initially developed through Markle’s Skillful initiative and expanded through working with partners including: Lightcast, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE), McKinsey & Company, Ripp Leadership, SkillRise, and Third Space Action Lab.

What You’ll Learn:

Actionable techniques to apply in day-to-day work with job seekers

The new tools and data sources available to coaches, and how to use them

How a human-centered approach can build engagement with clients

Tools and techniques to help people overcome barriers to finding work

How to help people identify their skills and find work that aligns with those skills

Who Will Benefit from this Course:

  • Career coaches and others who provide career guidance to job seekers and students at non-profit organizations, workforce agencies, community colleges, K-12 schools, state/local government, and other organizations that serve low-income job seekers.
  • Managers of career services and nonprofits that provide career guidance
  • Individuals who are not dedicated career coaches, but have a role that at times requires them to provide guidance, e.g. trainers, faculty members, benefit advisors.


Additional Details:

Time Commitment: Short, self-paced courses take 30 to 90 minutes to complete. The total training series takes less than 20 hours to complete.

Format: Online training series comprised of four units each containing four to six courses that can be completed over time. The training is presented as engaging animated videos, interactive quizzes, downloadable guides, and includes instruction on how to use key tools and resources recommended in the training.

Cost: Free of charge.

Training Content:

Unit: Skills-Based Coaching (4 courses)

Understand how to help job seekers identify opportunities they otherwise may feel they are not qualified for based on experience and credentials, by focusing on the skills they have and those needed for the job they want.  Use job market data to identify non-linear job opportunities which are achievable based on the skills they hold or could learn, and the options available to gain new skills. Coach clients on how to articulate their skills in a resume and during an interview.​

  1. A Skills-Based Job Search
  2. Skills-Based Resume
  3. Skills-Based Interview
  4. Skills-Based Job Progression

Unit: Human-Centered Coaching (5 courses)

Learn how to embed human-centered coaching skills into daily practice to better support clients. Build a relationship with your client that provides more insight into their needs and understand how to empower them to consciously choose how they change or advance their career path.

  1. Human-Centered Coaching and Its Importance
  2. Emotional Intelligence and Human-Centered Coaching
  3. The Flow of Human-Centered Coaching – Pathway to Empowerment
  4. Coach the Coach: 11 Feedback Points
  5. Human-Centered Coaching in Practice

 Unit: Effective and Equitable Career Navigation (5 courses)

Learn how to identify the impact of racial inequity and better understand job seekers’ personal barriers and challenges and the significance to their job search. Understand what tools and strategies can be used to mitigate barriers caused by biases and inequality to help meet a client’s goals.

  1. Introduction to Racial Equity for Workforce Professionals
  2. The Benefits Cliff – Understanding the importance of benefit loss due to wage increases.
  3. Strategies to Effectively Identify Client Needs
  4. Creating the Personalized Service Plan
  5. Labor Market Information 101

Unit: Skills for Navigating a Digital World

Learn how to adeptly navigate the digital environment and use digital resources and tools when assisting the clients. Build the skills needed to help clients overcome digital literacy barriers in their job search.

  1. Lifelong Learner
  2. Empowered Worker
  3. Digital Citizen
  4. Solution Seeker
  5. Mindful Colleague
  6. Digital Literacy Resource Bank for Job Seekers