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Empowering the Latino Workforce: Insights from the 2023 UnidosUS Annual Conference

Rework America Alliance member UnidosUS recently hosted its 2023 annual conference bringing together leaders, experts, and advocates to foster collaboration, innovation, and thought leadership with the goal of empowering the nation’s 62 million Latinos. Our Acting President Beth Cobert participated in a plenary session that focused on the transformative impact of the pandemic on the American workforce.

Skills-Based Talent Management: A Hot Topic at the 2023 JFF Horizons Conference

The Annual Horizons conference hosted by JFF, serves as a national platform for driving equitable economic advancement through innovative practices and scalable solutions in education and workforce systems. Check out insights from workforce leaders and Rework America Alliance members.

Expanding Skills-Based Hiring in New York

The Center for an Urban Future held a policy symposium that explored the opportunity to greatly expand the practice of skills-based hiring across New York City’s economy.

Management Matters Podcast: Skill-Based Hiring in the Workforce with Beth Cobert

Beth Cobert, Markle’s Acting President, joined Terry Gerton, President and CEO of NAPA, on the Management Matters Podcast to discuss skills-based practices.

Longer Lives Mean Longer Careers – so How Do We Prepare?

These longer lives mean longer careers, so how do we prepare? That’s one of the questions The Century Summit 2022, hosted by the Stanford Center of Longevity, aimed to answer when it convened researchers, advocates, and others, to explore how we can make century-long lives healthier, more productive, and more equitable.

Reimagining the Broadband Technology Workforce

Nicol Turner Lee and Brady Tavernier from the Brookings Institution recently shared findings from an online workshop as part of the Markle Tech Policy Research Consortium.

Stanford’s Workshop on AI: The Challenges of the Turing Trap

Stanford University’s Digital Economy Lab, a key partner in the Markle’s Tech Policy Research Consortium, held a workshop In the Spring of 2022, with the goal of addressing the current challenges and potential solutions to the “Turing Trap”.