Connecting Decision Makers | Markle
Connecting Decision Makers | Markle

Connecting Decision Makers

Opportunities for Supporting Population Health

As health information becomes increasingly networked, there are growing opportunities to support health and health care not only for individuals, but for entire populations as well. Networked health information distributed across a wide array of sources can help in three key areas:

  • It can be used to bolster clinical research capabilities.
  • It can increase the effectiveness of our public health system.
  • It can empower health care consumers and professionals with information about cost, quality, and outcomes.

Connecting for Health has explored how the Markle Common Framework can be applied to support sharing population-level health information while protecting consumer privacy.

Early exploration has included work in the following areas.

Better Decisions for Many, Not More Data for the Few

A Markle presentation at the Institute of Medicine promotes 21st century thinking for population data challenges.

Quality Data Stewardship

Connecting for Health has offered a collaborative response to the AHRQ/AQA Request for Information on a national health data stewardship entity.

First Principles

The Connecting for Health First Principles has articulated a set of operating assumptions for network design that supports decision making in health.