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Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb, the Markle Foundation, and Microsoft Announce Skillful Indiana: Bringing New Investment, Partners and Innovation to Indiana’s Next Level Workforce Agenda  

With support provided by Walmart, and in partnership with Lumina Foundation, Purdue University and Purdue Extension, Skillful Indiana will bring practical tools to connect Hoosiers…

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The Week in Tech: Are Robots Coming for Your Job? Eventually, Yes.

Greetings from the real economy. I’m Steve Lohr, a tech reporter for The Times, and I tend to focus on the effects of technology beyond…

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Aycock and Farley Selected for Governor’s Coaching Corps

Arapahoe Community College’s Laura Aycock and Allana Farley have been accepted into the 2018-19 Governor’s Coaching Corps. The Corps, a partnership between Skillful, LLC, and…

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Automation and Altruism: How Philanthropy Can Help People Navigate the Future of Work

Automation has been transforming work since the industrial revolution. The latest wave of automation technologies—spurred by increases in computing power, advances in robotics, and the…

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The Legacies of Emily Griffith and Frances Perkins Inspire Us This Labor Day

The Labor Day long weekend is a great time to enjoy Colorado’s beauty with family and friends. It’s also the right time to gain inspiration…

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Colorado Connects Career-Seekers With Contemporary Coaches

GREELEY, Colo. — One day, pizzas could be delivering themselves. The possibility of drones taking a job that is often a teen’s introduction to the…

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Governors Can Determine the Future of Work

In Colorado, an organization called Skillful started with the goal of building a skills-based labor market, providing more transparency around the value of education and…

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Addressing America’s Reskilling Challenge

In general, job seekers can access these aggregators free of charge and search for available jobs in their area. However, job openings do not translate…


Aspen Ideas Festival 2018

Panelists: Zoë Baird, CEO and President, Markle Foundation John Hickenlooper, Governor, Colorado Thomas J. Wilson, Chairman and CEO, The Allstate Corporation Moderator: Gary Pinkus, Senior…

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Interstate Workforce Development Squad

Indiana’s been on a major workforce development kick this year with programs like the Next Level Jobs initiative and other specialized regional and academic programs…

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How Nontraditional Pathways Can Lead Workers to Good Jobs

Not everyone takes a traditional route to a college degree that will prepare them for the workforce. John Yang talks with Nicole Smith of Georgetown…

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Report: Americans Are Finding Work, but the Better-paying Jobs Require a College Degree

This should be a great time to look for work in the United States. The official unemployment rate has fallen below four percent for the…