Reports | Markle
Reports | Markle

Implementing a Trusted Information Sharing Environment

Since 2002, the Markle Task Force has helped our nation move closer to the implementation of a trusted, government-wide information sharing environment, providing a set of detailed recommendations on the key policy and technology issues affecting its implementation. Each initiative culminated with the release of a major report or paper, each of which is described below.

Nation At Risk

The Markle Task Force urges the President and Congress to take swift action to ensure that policy makers have the best information available to confront a stark set of 21st century national security challenges.

Mobilizing Information to Prevent Terrorism

This phase of work focused on establishing trust, both among the public and officials who rely on an information sharing environment to protect the nation.

Implementing an Information Sharing Environment

This report explores the technical, policy, and security issues surrounding Immutable Audit Logs (IALs) to detect violations and demonstrate compliance with national security laws and policies.

Creating a Trusted Network for Homeland Security

The Markle Task Force posits that currently available technology can enable the government to set up a network that substantially improves our ability to prevent terrorist attacks and protect civil liberties.

Protecting America’s Freedom

In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, the Markle Task Force proposed a plan for a distributed information technology network—an essential component for protecting the homeland and preserving civil liberties.