New Resources for 2021 | Markle
New Resources for 2021 | Markle

New Resources for 2021

Upcoming resources on labor market insights and new tools developed with local community partners to help displaced workers obtain good jobs

Developing and delivering the tools and resources needed in local communities

We are committed to connecting the resources of the Rework America Alliance with local communities in partnership with our delivery partners. We believe in-community delivery is important because we want to get the tools and resources of the Alliance into the hands of those who need them the most, particularly people of color, women, those working low-wage jobs and those without a bachelor’s degree, as quickly as possible. These local efforts are also nested within a broader delivery outreach strategy where we will make tools and resources available widely through Alliance channels.

In the first half of 2021, we will begin the planning for our local community engagement, starting with efforts designed with four key Rework America Alliance partners, Goodwill, National Urban League, Rural LISC, and UnidosUS. Through this direct in-community engagement we will both make available the collective resources of the Alliance, such as labor market insights, guidance on effective training prioritization, coaching resources, and employer toolkits, and help our partners coordinate a robust workforce development ecosystem with key stakeholders such as local employers, training providers, and government agencies. During this process, we will also collect insights about what resources have the most impact and develop best practices to inform the work of the Alliance as we scale.

“Goodwill Industries International’s partnership with Rework America Alliance is accelerating the way we connect job seekers to in-demand occupations with sustainable wages. Together, we will collaborate to modernize the workforce system to provide products and services to job seekers so they can excel in the evolving labor market.”

Sonya N. Francis, Senior Director, Mission Innovation and Strategy, Goodwill Industries International

Translating data from insight to action

We believe it is crucial to harness the power of data to help individuals navigate this time of unprecedented job loss and uncertainty.

Millions of workers develop extensive skills through their work experience, yet these skills often go unrecognized – both by employers and by workers themselves. Too many workers do not have the guidance to leverage their experiences to access a next job, let alone an in-demand job with greater income, resilience, and quality. When empowered with the right data, job coaches can far more effectively help job seekers access the right next opportunity – and employers can better recognize and value the experience of applicants.

This Fall, the Alliance has focused on making labor market data actionable for the people and organizations (coaches, employers, unions, workforce systems, community advocacy groups, training providers, etc.) who support workers coming from lower-wage occupations, many of whom must rely on their experience rather than academic credentials to secure their next job.

It is this “last mile” that makes all the difference in truly having an impact. Thanks to the diverse members of the Alliance, we are drawing on 360 degrees of perspective, capability, and frontline experience.

What we have been doing

We are developing analytics to enable worker-serving-organizations, employers, labor, and coaches to better support lower-wage workers in accessing good jobs and economic mobility. Crucially, we are shaping and validating the insights together with these organizations and the workers they support to be as useful as possible through the uncertainties of the economic recovery.