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Through a New Alliance, Helping Millions of Americans Access Quality Jobs

Before the COVID-19 crisis, the rise of technology and new ways of working were already disrupting jobs and the skills employees need to do them….

Understanding How American Workers Progress to Higher-Wage Jobs

Preliminary research findings identify the career pathways that allow workers to move from low-wage jobs to middle-wage or higher-wage jobs. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic,…

Competitive Advantage with a Human Dimension: From Lifelong Learning to Lifelong Employability

A four-year degree is not necessary for all professional jobs, nor is it a sure indicator of ability or mastery of a body of knowledge….

How Can Business Leaders, Policy Makers, and Individuals Prepare Today for the Jobs of Tomorrow?

Zoë Baird and Tim O’Reilly share their perspectives on the disruptive impact that automation and artificial intelligence will have on society, and their advice for…

The Evolution of Employment and Skills in the Age of AI

As artificial intelligence alters work done in all manner of industries, companies and governments can help workers transition by supporting incomes and facilitating skills training….