Bylo Farmer's Skillful Story | Markle
Bylo Farmer's Skillful Story | Markle

Bylo Farmer’s Skillful Story

Bylo Farmer recently decided it was time for a new career. She had a bachelor’s degree in recreation management, but had been out of the field for more than 20 years. She wanted to start over in something fresh and exciting. She had heard a lot about advanced manufacturing as a growing industry in Colorado that offered good jobs, and she decided to sign up for courses at her local community college.

During her first week of classes at Front Range Community College she learned about a Skillful Women in Manufacturing luncheon in Denver where she learned about Skillful and all it had to offer. “Going to that luncheon opened up doors I might have missed,” said Bylo Farmer. “I joined the Women in Manufacturing professional group and also signed up for Skillful coaching.”

Shortly after the event, Skillful career coach Sara Robertson reached out to Bylo. “Coaching from Sara opened up another resource for me — how to set up my LinkedIn account and how to best leverage my resume to gain employment,” said Bylo.

Bylo continued her classes at FRCC and after finishing two classes in precision machining, she received her certification and began applying for jobs. Sara continued to help Bylo improve her resume and LinkedIn profile, as well as prep for interviews.

“The last time I wrote a resume was 15 years ago! So Sara’s “second eye” and suggestions really helped me land my first job.”

A local company that manufactures precision medical devices soon hired Bylo, who says she couldn’t be happier! She credits Skillful and the coaching she received for helping her throughout her journey. “Everything about Skillful was beyond great — for someone coming into a completely new field and not having had to look for a job in the last 15 years. I got amazing support and advice.”


Bylo’s Story