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Rework America - Skillful


Building a Skills-Based Labor Market


Skillful tools, expertise and resources are now shared through Markle’s Rework America Alliance to help millions of unemployed and workers from low-wage roles move into good jobs.

As a non-profit initiative of the Markle Foundation, Skillful has developed resources, partnerships, and initiatives to help the nearly 70% of people in America without college degrees get good jobs based on the skills they have or the skills they can learn – creating new opportunities for success in the digital era.

In partnership with Microsoft and others, Skillful developed resources to accelerate the adoption of skills-based practices to reduce bias in hiring and talent management and open more opportunities for more people. This includes training and tools for employers and an innovative training program for career coaches, created in collaboration with state governments, local employers, educators and workforce development organizations.

Launched in Colorado in 2016, Skillful expanded to Indiana in 2018 and engaged employers, educators, policymakers, and workforce development organizations to create a labor market in which skills are valued, and people can more easily access the information and education they need to secure good jobs. By focusing on a person’s skills, rather than their background, businesses can find the talent they need to grow, workers can find rewarding work in growing fields, and communities can better adapt to economic change.

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Creating a Skills-Based Labor Market

Aqua Hot Heating Systems is an advanced manufacturing company just north of Denver, Colorado that specializes in heating and cooling systems for RVs, commercial fleets, and school buses, as well as industrial and oilfield applications.

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Bylo Farmer recently decided it was time for a new career. She had a bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management, but had been out of the field for more than 20 years. She wanted to start over in something fresh and exciting. She had heard a lot about advanced manufacturing as a growing industry in Colorado that offered good jobs, and she decided to sign up for courses at her local community college.

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