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Unlocking Experience-Based Job Progressions for Millions of Workers

New Insights from the Rework America Alliance, A Markle Initiative

The Rework America Alliance, a Markle initiative, studied the job histories of 29 million people across more than 800 occupations to look at how to realize the potential of the more than 5.8M workers from low-wage roles currently unemployed and without a college degree. From this, the Alliance has identified actionable steps that can be taken to help these workers to return to work in better roles.

These findings are detailed in “Unlocking Experience-Based Job Progressions for Millions of Workers” authored by the Federal Reserve Bank of AtlantaMarkleMcKinsey & Company, and the National Urban League with input from many of our partners in the Rework America Alliance.

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Two new tools have also been developed so we can take action based on these insights:

  • A new Job Progressions tool developed by McKinsey & Company to help career coaches use historical job progression data to connect job seekers to good jobs, aligned with their experience.
  • A new Rework Community Insights Monitor from The Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta to provide a metro-level view for policymakers and workforce development leaders.

Learn more about the work of the Rework America Alliance.