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Jerry Castanos

3D Heights

Jerry's Story

Jerry Castanos served in the U.S. Army, where he learned firsthand the possibilities of 3D printing. Following a successful military career, he returned to his home community in upper Manhattan to open 3D Heights, one of New York’s earliest full-service 3D print shops.

3D printing is reinventing the American manufacturing process. Using digital files and specialized equipment, 3D printing creates an object layer by layer until it becomes whole. The technology holds great promise for all sectors of the American economy.

Jerry’s vision for 3D Heights is for it to be a hub in his community where people of all ages can learn skills they can use in today’s tech-driven world. He hosts regularly scheduled classes, organizes meet-ups, and provides hands-on instruction.

As his business grows, Jerry hopes it will inspire others, driving personal and economic growth in Washington Heights and beyond. 3D Heights is just one of the 23 million small businesses in America that are finding success in the connected age.