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Accelerator Program | Markle

Accelerator Program

The Accelerator Program is a free training program that equips individuals or teams from midsized businesses to adopt skills-based hiring and talent management practices.  The program will guide HR professionals and other change leaders through the process of implementing new practices, from getting buy-in to tracking impact.

Whether you are interested in attending the program as an employer – or in offering this program to employers in your network please visit the Accelerator website to learn more.

Who Will Benefit:

If you support employers and want to help them adopt skills-based practices, consider adding this program to your offerings. Potential facilitators include:

  • Chambers of commerce
  • Government organizations
  • Community-based organizations
  • Workforce organizations
  • Economic development organizations


Are you an employer that wants to participate in an Accelerator program?

If you are ready to adopt skills-based practices at your organization, this program will guide you through the process. Potential participants include:

  • Human resource teams: hiring managers, generalists, leads
  • Recruiters
  • Leaders of small and medium businesses
  • Others that want to change the way they hire and develop talent


Additional Details


  • The Accelerator programming can be offered as a standalone program (lower, standard, or higher touch options) or you can enhance your current employer offerings through the incorporation of skills-based practices

How to register:


Included resources at a glance

  • eLearning program
  • Capacity calculator
  • Program roadmap and preparation planner
  • Program email templates, flyers, and information presentations
  • Impact stories and program testimonials
  • Employer sign-up guide
  • Presentations, workshops, and accompanying facilitation guides
  • Coaching guides and employer resources
  • Impact tracking guide

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