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Employer Toolkit | Markle

Employer Toolkit

Empowering employers to adopt more equitable hiring practices

The Alliance is providing free resources for employers that can immediately be put to work to help adopt inclusive, skill-based sourcing and hiring strategies. Developed with input from leading employers, small businesses, and worker-serving organizations.


Skillful Talent Series

An online training course that provides an overview of skills-based talent management strategy with practical tips and resources. SHRM-certified.

Activator Program

Short workshop series on successfully engaging employers in adopting skills-based practices.

Accelerator Program

Workshops and 1:1 support for mid/ small-sized business implementing skills-based practices.

Skillful Job Posting Generator 

An online tool that helps employers create skills-based job postings.

HR Software Guides

Guidance on useful features in your existing HR software systems when adopting a skills-based approach.

Skills-Based Hiring Toolkits

Time-saving toolkits that include a skills-based job-posting template, interview questions, and onboarding plans.

Skills-Based Sourcing and Hiring Playbook 

A step-by-step guide to implementing a skills-based approach at your organization, including case studies, resources, and tips from leading employers on how to implement a skills-based talent management practices.

Opportunity Occupations Monitor

The Opportunity Occupations Monitor, from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, provides insights on opportunity employment, which is an estimate of the number and share of jobs accessible to workers without a bachelor’s degree that pay more than the national median wage.

The Rework America Alliance is now led by Jobs for the Future (JFF). Alliance tools and resources are shared by JFF to support its North Star goal to help 75 million people facing systemic barriers to advancement move into quality jobs within the next 10 years. You can still access Alliance resources here while JFF works to get them live on its site, at www.jff.org/idea/rework-america-alliance.

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