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National Security Advisor Archives | Markle

Group Affiliation: National Security Advisor

Doug Sosnik

Doug Sosnik has advised U.S. presidents, senators, governors, Fortune 100 corporations, foundations and universities. From his time at the Clinton White House to his experience…

Michael O. Leavitt

Michael O. Leavitt is the founder and chairman of Leavitt Partners, a health care intelligence business. In previous roles, Leavitt served as secretary of Health…

Arnold Kanter

Arnold Kanter is a founding member of the Scowcroft Group.

Mel Taub

Mel Taub is an independent consultant.

Peter Swire

Peter Swire is the C. William O’Neill Professor of Law at Ohio State University.

Daniel B. Prieto

Daniel B. Prieto is Vice President and Practice Lead, Global Business Services Public Sector Strategy and Change, at IBM.

Drew Ladner

Drew Ladner is the President and CEO of Pascal Metrics Inc.

David Gunter

David Gunter is the Director of Microsoft Trustworthy Computing.