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Zoe Baird’s Remarks at the Digital Opportunity Task Force Meeting: Creating Digital Opportunity for all

Zoe Baird’s remarks at the Digital Opportunity Task Force Meeting in Tokyo on Creating Digital Opportunity for All. See more: White House Press Release: President…

Zoe Baird’s statement at the ICANN Annual Meeting

Offers an outline of ICANN’s technical issues and Markle’s initiatives. ICANN is a leading example of this kind of emerging new institution and the challenges…

Governing the Internet: Engaging Government, Business, and Nonprofits

Explores a new model of governance, ICANN, and the road ahead.      

Zoe Baird’s remarks to the National Association of Attorneys General

Topics covered include the scope of the Internet, a critical time for Internet development, Markle’s activities, the role of Attorneys General, and the specific challenges…

Serving Citizens’ Needs

This report covers digital inequality; the data and methodology of the study; searching for tax forms online; and sources of confusion and frustration.

Second-Level Digital Divide: Differences in People’s Online Skills

Covers inequalities in Internet use, refining the current approach to the digital divide, differences in people’s ability to find content online, and study methods and…

Government Programs Involving Citizen Access to Internet Services

Covers provision of information, point-to-point delivery of forms, and transactions with government agencies. 

Digital Opportunity Task Force Report Card

Covers new tools and partnerships for advancing the Genoa Plan of Action, DOT Force achievements, digital opportunities in Africa, and the DOT Force’s future agenda….

The Growing Digital Divide:

Discusses recent research on the racial divide in regard to digital access and the development of a research agenda for computer use within and outside…