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Alliance Resume Builder | Markle

Rework America Alliance Resume Builder

Helping workers to create a skills-based resume to highlight the skills employers seek

Create a compelling resume to highlight the skills you already have that match what employers need for the job you want, with this free resume builder from Rework America Alliance created in partnership with Lightcast. The Rework America Alliance’s new resume builder will help you customize a resume to a specific job, so you can demonstrate that you have what employers are looking for.

Whether you need to create a resume for yourself, or you work with job seekers or students and want to help them to create a strong resume, the Rework America Alliance’s resume builder and optimizer will be valuable additions to your job hunting toolkit. Let employers know the full set of skills acquired through previous jobs, volunteer work, traditional life, experiences, education, short-course and other experience. Show skills that have been learned that can be transferred to a new role or industry, in language employers understand.

The tool is a free resource from the Rework America Alliance that has been developed in collaboration with Lightcast and worker-facing organizations to share broadly with career coaches and guidance counsellors nationwide and help them better serve workers in their communities.

Through the Rework America Alliance we will also work with employers to help them better recognize the capabilities candidates present through the resume builder.

How It Works:

  1. Enter your personal info, job history and other experience to create a basic resume.
  2. The Smart Resume Builder will use the information you enter to create a skills-based resume that shows the skills you have built from your work and life experience
  3. Customize your resume by adding other skills that are suggested based on the specific job you’re applying for.


“The new resume tool provides an opportunity for a coach to work with learners or job seekers to understand their skill sets and spur a conversation about how to clearly articulate those skill sets. The resume builder can be a teaching tool for generating ideas on how-to identify and communicate skills, and supports the creation of a strong skills-based resume. This tool will help job seekers be accurate and effective as they tailor and build their resume for future employment opportunities.”

Brandi Smith, Executive Director of Career Coaching, Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Rework America Alliance is now led by Jobs for the Future (JFF). Alliance tools and resources are shared by JFF to support its North Star goal to help 75 million people facing systemic barriers to advancement move into quality jobs within the next 10 years. You can still access Alliance resources here while JFF works to get them live on its site, at

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