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Opportunity Occupations Monitor | Markle

Opportunity Occupations Monitor

The Opportunity Occupations Monitor from Rework America Alliance member the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, displays opportunity employment and its prevalence across labor markets. Opportunity employment is an estimate of the number and share of jobs accessible to workers without a bachelor’s degree that pay more than the national median wage ($45,760 in 2021). The national median wage is based on estimates from the Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics survey.

The darker blue areas on the map represent places with a higher proportion of opportunity employment and therefore a better chance that a worker with less than a bachelor’s degree earns a livable wage. You can use the tool to view:

  • What industries and occupations are most prevalent within a regional economy;
  • How many of these jobs are accessible to workers without a bachelor’s degree; and
  • What education and training is present to support skill development for the regional economy as a whole and to advance workforce development for key occupations.

Access the tool here: https://www.atlantafed.org/cweo/data-tools/opportunity-occupations-monitor


The Rework America Alliance is now led by Jobs for the Future (JFF). Alliance tools and resources are shared by JFF to support its North Star goal to help 75 million people facing systemic barriers to advancement move into quality jobs within the next 10 years. You can still access Alliance resources here while JFF works to get them live on its site, at www.jff.org/idea/rework-america-alliance.

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