Allison Hills | Markle
Allison Hills | Markle

Allison Hills

Starbucks-ASU College Achievement Plan

Allison’s Story

Like many her age, Allison Hills graduated from high school and moved away from home to pursue her dream of going to college. Once on campus she found that juggling school, work, and everyday demands were just too much to handle. Allison returned home, and became the opening shift supervisor at a nearby Starbucks. She soon found a new pathway for fulfilling her dream—the Starbucks College Achievement Plan. Inspired by Rework America, the College Achievement Plan provides Starbucks partners like Allison with the opportunity to pursue an online college degree with Arizona State University through tuition reimbursement and financial aid. Allison was accepted as the program’s first enrollee. The plan affords her the flexibility to balance her academic demands with her work schedule. She is now on track to complete her degree in business communications.

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Rework America

America is in the midst of the greatest economic transformation in over a hundred years and the defining challenge is how to ensure that all Americans are included in this new economy.

New Pathways For Learning

Inspired by Rework America, Starbucks chairman, president, and ceo Howard Schultz and Arizona State University President Michael Crow launched the Starbucks College Achievement Plan.