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  • Finding Opportunity

    American stories of success


Meet Americans who are finding success in the connected age

  • Jerry Castanos

    Following a successful military career Jerry Castanos opened 3D Heights, one of New York’s earliest full-service 3D print shops. The business has grown to become a hub where people of all ages can learn skills they can use in today’s tech-driven world.

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  • Allison Hills

    Like many her age, Allison Hills graduated from high school and moved away from home to pursue her dream of college. Once on campus she found that juggling school, work, and everyday demands were just too much to handle.

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  • Debra Burton

    For years, Debra Burton struggled as a single mother without a high school diploma. With the support of a creative training fund, she was able to earn her associate’s degree and acquire skills that opened doors to a better paying job.

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  • Tanya Menendez and Matthew Burnett

    Matthew and Tanya exemplify how some Americans are looking at the new tools that this era of American economic history is offering to them. They are seizing ways to use these tools—like platforms and new kinds of producer-consumer relationships—to build new businesses. Together, they founded Maker’s Row, a domestic sourcing platform making the manufacturing process simple to understand and easy to access.

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  • Mike Donnelly

    Lacking parental and community support as a young man, Mike Donnelly felt he was going nowhere fast. Then, at a low point in his life, he found an opportunity to develop his education and skills through a YouthBuild program. Such programs help provide young Americans pathways to education, jobs, entrepreneurship, and opportunities to compete in today’s world.

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