Skills-Based Sourcing and Hiring Playbook | Markle
Skills-Based Sourcing and Hiring Playbook | Markle

Skills-Based Sourcing and Hiring Playbook

Redesign your recruiting to increase diversity, fill open roles, and build a stronger workforce.

Adopting a new hiring and talent management strategy can be a daunting for many employers. From updating job postings, to changing how you screen candidates, and building existing talent, it can be challenging to figure out where to start. That’s why we developed the Skills-Based Sourcing and Hiring Playbook, a step-by-step guide to implementing a skills-based approach at your organization, including case studies, resources, and tips from leading employers on how to implement a skills-based talent management practices.

Adopting a skills-focused approach can help employers to reduce bias and increase diversity; fill skill gaps at their organization; support career growth and improve retention; and open the door to employees from diverse backgrounds and industries.

The playbook serves as a supplement to the Skillful Talent Series and other skills-based hiring and talent management resources made available by the Rework America Alliance. It provides the business case for implementing skills-based practices; an overview of the main concepts; short case studies; and steps to get started.

The Skills-Based Sourcing and Hiring Playbook includes guidance on:

  • Writing inclusive, skills-based job postings;
  • Widening your talent pool and source diverse applicants;
  • Identifying the best qualified candidates;
  • Interviewing candidates using a skills-first approach; and
  • Onboarding techniques that get new hires up to speed more quickly.

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